I made a purchase. How do I upload / embed my photos for editing?

We're so glad you decided to give us a try. Now our job is to WOW you. 

When you complete your order, you're taken to the Thank You page, where there are instructions and an orange button to upload your pictures. Additionally, your order confirmation email is sent immediately upon purchase and also has instructions and a link to where you can upload your photo(s).

For your convenience you have 2 options for providing your photos for editing:

You may email order@snapwow.net, but please include your order number and any special requests you have for your order.

Or you may use our transfer service for larger orders.
  1. Click this link: http://snapwow.wetransfer.com
  2. Agree to the terms
  3. Click the 'Add files' button to upload your original pics
  4. Enter your email address in the field provided
  5. Click the 'Transfer' button
  6. That's it! Prepare to say WOW!

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